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The Corkbank is like your magical little wallet. Every time you move in the Winelivery world, you earn Corks (yes, just like bottle caps)! What are you waiting for? Live, explore, shop, and turn your Corks into beautiful surprises or free order credits! Discover below the actions that reward you.

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How can you earn Corks?

Order a drink

Get 3 Corks for every €1 spent, excluding Gift cards or Discounts

Invite your friends

Earn up to 600 Corks for each friend you bring

Have fun with the App

Get Corks every time you participate in quizzes and games designed just for you!

Earn more Corks

So, are you ready to fill up? Take a look here! There are plenty of extra actions you can take to shower Corks into your Corkbank... Easy, right?

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Purchase an experience

Explore a winery, immerse yourself in a course, or let yourself be seduced by a tasting.

Visit our locations

Come and visit us at our Bars & Wine shops scattered across Italy.

Spend your Corks

Convert your Corks into rewards... Choose what you prefer

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Credit to spend in future orders


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