What is Winelivery? We’re happy that you’re asking for!

Winelivery is a delivery service for quality drinks or alcohol. You can order wine, craft beers or your favourite drink on our site or with our app (iOs o Android) and receive all you want in less than 30 minutes, at the right temperature! Our service provides also non alcoholic beverages water and snacks.

Is it hard to order on Winelivery? How does it work?

We have tried to make both the site and the app easy and intuitive.

To find out which bottles we deliver to your home, simply enter your address. From this moment it's all downhill: choose your bottles, add a payment method and relax, one of our drivers will play at your doorbell in less than 30 minutes.

If you want to send your bottles like a gift or simply order time before, you can choose the delivery time and date at the check-out.

Do I find only wine on Winelivery? Are there any other products?

Winelivery offers a wide selection of wine but not only, on our portal you will also find a selection of craft beer as well as spirits like vodka, rum and digestive and cocktail kits not to mention water in glass, ice and much more. Our sommelier team personally takes care of the selection of the products on the site in order to guarantee high quality at the right price.

If you want any little appetizer to match with your order, you can check the “Tasty & Useful” list, at the check-out on the site or directly in the app.

When I can order?

We deliver every day from 11.00 am to 1.00 am during the week, and till 2.00 am in the weekend. Delivery times could change during holidays and depending on the city.

Are there any delivery charges? Is there a minimum order?

Winelivery guarantees free delivery with a minimum order of € 29.00 (this can change depending on the city). Under € 29.00, delivery costs can vary depending on the city. For orders outside the range of 30 minutes (2-3 working days) the minimum order is € 59.

Is the Winelivery service active on all Italian cities?

Winelivery offers its delivery service in 30 minutes in the cities of Milan, Bologna, Turin, Florence, Bergamo,Rimini, Roma, Catania, Prato, Napoli, Cagliari, Genova, Brescia, Modena, Verona, Ancona, Formia, Parma, Monza, Bolzano, Bari, Mestre, Palermo, Lucca, Somma Lombardo, Messina, Potenza, Civitanova Marche, Pescara, Reggio Calabria, Treviso, Salerno, Cesena, Formentera. We are constantly expanding and soon we will also reach your city! For now, if you are not in the aforementioned locations, you can order our wines and take delivery in 2-3 working days.

For the areas surrounding Milan we have also activated the same-day delivery service: by placing an order before 1:00 PM it will be processed on the same day, orders received after 1:00 PM will be delivered the next day.

Is the ideal temperature always guaranteed?

Winelivery provides the delivery at the ideal temperature only in the areas covered by the "express" service (in 30 or 45 minutes).

For all orders with delivery in E-commerce mode (3/4 working days), or with same-day delivery (Hinterland areas of Milan), we do not guarantee the ideal temperature.

Can I choose a delivery time for same-day or courier orders?

For orders with same-day delivery, delivery will take place between 11.00 AM and 7.30 PM, it is possible to give an indication but it cannot always be respected.

For orders entrusted to the courier it is not possible to define a precise time unless direct agreements are made with the courier once the tracking code has been received, directly on the shipper's website.

Should I leave a tip?

Leaving a tip only depends on you. Tips are 100% for our drivers and Winelivery will keep nothing from your offer.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order depends on the relevant Store. It varies between € 10 and € 15.

How can I use my coupon?

If you have a promotional code, you can enter it in the app or on the site at check-out in the section "Do you have a discount code?"

Can I place an order in advance?

Of course, it is possible to schedule orders in advance and choose any delivery time, as long as it is during opening hours.

With Winelivery can I also make gifts?

It's always a good idea to give a wine! With Winelivery you can deliver your favorite bottle to whomever you want.

By completing the order, at check-out, it is possible to request a gift box and the personalization of a card, strictly written by hand, to make the most of your gift.

If you do not know the tastes of friends and relatives, you can always give one of our Gift Cards so that those who receive it can choose the wine they prefer!

What shall I do if something went wrong with my order?

Our Customer Service takes care of all your experience with Winelivery from the moment of the order till the final drop. But even in the best plan...something can go wrong. If something wrong happen, you can always contact us via mail at [email protected] or in real time on our chatroom.You can also call us at this number +390240031373:we’ll take care of you. But don’t forget to specify your order number!

“Example: Order n.12345 - the driver was really nice”

What should I do if I forgot to add something to my order?

We hope to be still in time! If no more than 5 minutes have passed contact our Customer Service [email protected], write us in chat or call us at +390240031373. Remember to always specify the order number!

And if the order arrives late?

Sometimes the weather can be our enemy: rain, snow, worst conditions can slow down our drivers. In this case, you will be notified, and we’ll deliver your order as soon as possible.

What happens if I am not at home when the bottles arrive?

Our driver will try to call you but in the event that we could not contact you or deliver the order within 10 minutes it will return to the base, you will then be contacted by our Customer Service.

If you think you can't find yourself at the address indicated in time to receive your order, contact us as soon as possible by email [email protected], write us in chat or call us at +390240031373 always specifying the number of your order

How Winelivery’s loyalty program work?

We are here to reward you! Every time you place an order or invite a friend to Winelivery, you will accumulate Corks with which you can redeem great prizes! You can check your caps balance directly from the My Winelivery app section where you will find your Piggy Cork Bank. Also from this section you can choose to go to the CShop where you can redeem the prizes or to the "invite a friend" section to earn even more Corks.

What are the corks?

Corks are credits that will give you access to discounts on your future orders and exclusive Wineliver prizes! (Read “How Winelivery's Loyalty Program Works”). Corks have no expiration date.

I am a Winelivery customer, can I invite friends and get discounts?

Absolutely! Download our app and discover your personal code, share it with all your friends: when they register with your code they get a 10€ discount on the first order (minimum 15€). You get 100 Corks for every friend who signs up and 500 Corks for every first order! (Read “What are Corks” and “How Winelivery's loyalty program works”). The more points you accumulate the more Gift Cards or gifts you can redeem in the "TShop"! Attention: gift cards are NOT combinable.

Can I use multiple discounts / Gift Cards in one order?

No, discounts and gift cards can NOT be combined.

Can i cancel an order? What happens?

To cancel an order, you will need to promptly contact assistance to request cancellation. Your order can be canceled only if it has not yet been entrusted to the delivery man, in this case you will be refunded the full amount. In the event that the order has already been assigned to the delivery man, it cannot be canceled, and if the delivery is not accepted upon arrival of the rider, the refund request must be made. In this case the refund will be partial, the delivery cost will be deducted. (The delivery cost has a value between 5 and 10 € and is not represented by the "cost contribution" possibly reported at check out).

What if my wine tastes like cork?

It happens very rarely, but it can happen! In this case, contact our customer care immediately via email, chat or by calling us and keep the defective bottle with at least ¾ of the content. Our customer service will refund or arrange replacement. In the absence of the defective product, unfortunately we will not be able to provide support.

Why can I be asked for documents?

For the safety of our users, our assistance may require the sending of payment documents. In this way we will be able to guarantee a safe shopping experience without the risk of fraud. The required documentation is as follows: credit card with the last 4 digits and the holder visible and matching identity document.

In order not to delay the delivery, the documents will be requested by telephone and the same must be sent by e-mail to [email protected] In the event that the documents are not provided or are not deemed sufficient / reliable, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund it as soon as possible.

I am a Winelivery customer, can I invite friends and get discounts?

Yes, absolutely! Download our app and discover your personal code, share it with all your friends: when they register with your code they get € 10 off the first order (minimum € 15). You get € 1 for each registered friend and € 5 for each first order!

How does the "Free Drink" discount - Referral work?

The Free Drink code only works via app. When a friend shares his personal code, you need to download the app, sign up entering the friend's code when registering, make a cart of at least € 15 (shipping costs excluded) and go to checkout to complete the order.

At checkout, in the second screen (summary screen) the discount will automatically appear. In the event that the discount is not found at check out, simply copy it into the appropriate "discount code" section.

Remember that it is valid only for those who register and order via the App!

How does the discount “Free Drink” works- Referral?

Go on your app on the "Free Drink" secion, find your code and share it with all your firends! Rimember: is valid only on tha App!

Can I have a company profile on Winelivery?

We offer many services to companies. For informations, contact us at [email protected]

If you did not find the answer you were looking for contact us via Chat or sending an email to [email protected] we will be happy to help you!