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Ruffino - Tenuta Poggio Casciano

Ruffino - Tenuta Poggio Casciano

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Tenuta Poggio Casciano is located on the Tuscan hills, a few kilometers from Florence. The main part of the estate is the renaissance villa of the fourteenth century, which overlooks the enchanting vineyards of the Ruffino Supertuscan production. Adjacent to the Italian garden, there is a park of centuries-old trees with tables that offers visitors special moments of tranquility surrounded by nature. Poggio Casciano is the home of all hospitality activities, including the Tours & Tastings led by the Brand Ambassadors, to fully enjoy a day full of beauty and goodness.


Via Poggio al Mandorlo 1
50011 Quarate - Bagno a Ripoli (FI), Tuscany