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Carus Vini

Carus Vini

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Carus Vini, certified organic since 2018, has 13.5 wine hectares at 190 to 300AMSL. 8,5 are of Sangiovese to produce Chianti Classico, the rest is Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Harvest is handmade. The cellar has small steel vats with controlled temperature. Some wines age in French oak barrels. To reduce environmental impact, we installed solar panels and made our walls and roofs ventilated using a heat pump to stabilize wine temperature. We use Systemic Acquired Resistance enzyme (SAR) to reduce copper usage and installed a 3 location Meteo Station to reduce spraying.


Via Perseto 20
50026 San Casciano VP (FI), Tuscany