Winelivery guarantees you the right gift at the right time.

Winelivery guarantees you the right gift at the right time.

Why should you make a gift?When it comes to business, having a gift strategy can be an added value to bring out your business reality. Showing interest in your customers, suppliers, partners and employees means cultivating bonds of trust, loyalty and belonging. Thanks to Winelivery gifts, in a few simple steps you can:

  • Create customer retention
  • Promote new products and services
  • Stay top of mind

What do we offer?

What do we offer?

By relying on the Winelivery corporate gift service, you can count on 4 key elements:

  • Quality: our catalog has hundreds of products including wines, beers, spirits. From award-winning wines to niche products, we can satisfy any request.

  • Uniqueness: you can choose different types of packaging, customizing both the wine and the packaging and, upon request, bottles can reach their destination at the right temperature. In addition, your greeting message will be handwritten.

  • Timeliness: in all major Italian cities we guarantee the day and time of delivery per minute. We will take your gift directly to its destination!

  • Customization: the gift will feature decorative elements with your company logo and the packaging will be specially branded.

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The perfect gift is not a puzzle. It only takes 5 steps!

  1. Co-creation of the campaign: together we define the goal of the gift campaign, setting budgets and target audience
  2. Choice of products to give: we offer you a series of options in line with your ideas
  3. Choice of packaging e customization: Winelivery offers you various branding ideas, consistent with your goal
  4. Delivery planning: we provide you with delivery planning so that it acts as a work plan
  5. Delivery: we deliver your gifts to your destination in a timely manner, providing you with ad hoc reporting.